What Are They?subway tiles in citrus heights

Unlike other tiles, whose names refer to the material they’re made out of, the term “Subway” is used to describe a particular style of tile. Subway tiles are those that have a length twice as large as their height, and as a general rule the dimensions 3×6 inches.

Subway tiles were initially used in the commercial sphere, and made their first public appearance within New York City’s underground subway system. Since that time, they have become a popular interior design trend. You’re likely to find them in a residential kitchen or bathroom.

Subway tiles can be made from a variety of materials. Commonly, they’re made from ceramic, although it’s not unusual to see glass Subway tiles or stone Subway tiles. These tiles offer a style that is simple and timeless. We encourage you to add them to your Citrus Heights home.

Subway Tile Advantages

Timeless—The shape and arrangement of Subway tiles creates a look that is thoughtful, but not overdone. These tiles accommodate a number of interior design styles well and can either serve as the centerpiece of a room, or fulfill a more secondary rule. Their noticeability varies depending on color and material, but they are inarguably classic.

Easy to Clean—Due to their larger size Subway tiles are easy to maintain. You can wipe them clean with a rag and a mild cleaning agent. Additionally, larger tiles means less exposed grout overall, which limits the amount of mold and mildew buildup you can expect over the course of many years.

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