In the Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Rancho Cordova areas, as well as across the nation as a whole, oak hardwood flooring reigns king as the most popular hardwood flooring type. Oak hardwood flooring’s reputation for durability, style, and easy staining is at the heart of its market dominance and is sure to please buyers in the greater Citrus Heights area. For those who are interested in an oak flooring variety, there are two types to choose from: white oak hardwood flooring and red oak hardwood flooring. To learn more about white oak hardwood flooring, read on.white oak flooring in citrus heights

All About White Oak

White oak hardwood flooring is thought of as the more contemporary option between red and white oak hardwood floors, while red oak is often classed as the more traditional option. White oak hardwood flooring is known for its golden tones, rather than red oak’s rosier hues. White oak also has a more uniform grain pattern than red oak flooring. That grain pattern is one of the distinct advantages of white oak over red oak for homeowners who are interested in staining their hardwoods. White oak’s grain pattern makes the stain process worry-free; your white oak floors will stain evenly and allow you to mimic the aesthetics of other, potentially more expensive, hardwood flooring types like mahogany. White oak hardwood floors are also the more durable of the two options. While red oak hardwood flooring has a Janka hardness score of 1290, white oak hardwood flooring scores an impressive 1360. White oak hardwood flooring is an attractive, durable, and versatile option that’s sure to add to your Citrus Heights home.

Install Your White Oak Hardwood Flooring Today

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