Maple hardwood flooring has been prized in the Citrus Heightsmaple hardwood flooring citrus heights and Rancho Cordova areas for decades because of its ability to lighten any room and provide a durable surface for the realities of busy family life. If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring variety for your Citrus Heights home that can stand up to life’s challenges and add beauty and elegance to your décor in the process, maple hardwood flooring might be a perfect fit. Read on to learn from the experts at Floor Coverings International what makes this hardwood flooring variety an outstanding choice.

What Sets Maple Hardwood Flooring Apart

Like most hardwood flooring varieties, maple hardwood will provide your home with a classic look (and one that perspective buyers will love), and at the same time eliminate some of the worries and hassles of carpet flooring. What sets maple hardwood apart from the other options, though, is this variety’s durability. Maple hardwood flooring scores a 1450 on the Janka hardness scale – that’s one of the highest rankings for domestic wood flooring. If you need further convincing of maple’s durability, it’s this hardwood flooring type that’s most often used in bowling alleys because of its ability to withstand the impact of the game.

While maple is a smart choice for many Citrus Heights area homeowners, it does have a few potential drawbacks. Maple’s light color is a major plus for many, but it also makes it easier to notice scratches on your flooring’s surface. Maple hardwood flooring is also one of the hardwood flooring types more prone to scuffing from shoes. Both of these concerns, though, can be mitigated with proper care of your hardwood flooring.

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