Hand-scraped hardwood Citrus HeightsWithin recent years, hand-scraped hardwood flooring has become a popular look among Citrus Heights homes. Hand-scraped hardwood, also sometimes referred to as hand-sculpted wood, is when the planks are altered with tools to create divots, scratches, and buff marks that intentionally make the wood look worn and old. Although this style is not for everyone, hand-scraped hardwood floors can be very beautiful and add interesting texture and intrigue to certain décor styles.


Even though this is a relatively new trend, the concept is actually ages old. Hand-scraped wood floors first started being used in the 1600s. Back then this was a more tedious job that was often done to scrape away uneven surfaces and create a flatter floor. Nowadays the goal is to give the wood the appearance of age, adding character by creating intentional blemishes.


Hand-scraped hardwood floors can come in both solid and engineered styles. You can also choose to what degree the wood is scraped. This customization in varying levels of distress (not to be confused with distressed hardwood floors) lets you decide just how much character you want your floors to have. The more divots and scratches the wood has, the more aged and unique it will look.

Pros & Cons of Hand-Scraped Hardwood

There are both pros and cons to this specific style of flooring that should be considered if you are thinking of installing it in your home. One of the more obvious benefits is that your floors will likely look different from those of your friends and neighbors because they are more or less custom made. However, if you’re planning on selling your house in the near future, keep in mind that not everyone likes this look. Depending on the degree to which you apply the distressing process, some potential buyers might be turned off by the strong look. Another thing to be aware of is dirt can sometimes be harder to clean from the cracks and scratches. Most floors have a protective coating applied at the end to seal the wood that generally prevents this from happening. However, it’s more likely to occur with hand-scraped woods than with traditionally even flooring surfaces.

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Photo Credit: Kunal Mehta