berber carpet in citrus heights, californiaThough the origins of Berber carpet differ from what it is today, this carpet style is one of the most popular types of carpeting found in homes and offices in the Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Roseville areas for a number of reasons. Berber carpet is a looped style, which differs from the cut pile style of carpet. As the name implies, the loops in a looped carpet remain intact, and they can either be level, textured, or multi-level. All carpets are initially woven in loops, but the loops in a cut pile carpet are cut to provide an even surface with a generally softer feel.

Today, Berber carpet is the most popular looped carpet style, and while it’s often found in basements due to its durability and comparatively low price, it has evolved over time to become an attractive option throughout the home or office space.

Berber Pros

In addition to its comparatively low cost and its durability, Berber carpet has other benefits as well. Many Berber carpets are made from olefin fiber, which is generally cheaper than both nylon and wool. Berber is also able to offer cost advantages during manufacturing. Cut pile carpets include an extra step when the loops are cut. This step is absent when producing Berber carpet, allowing the savings to often be passed on to the customer. Another benefit is the dense loops of Berber are able to help prevent stains by keeping the liquid from quickly seeping into the fiber. This allows more time to thoroughly clean spills while they’re still on top of the carpet.

Berber Cons

While Berber offers its fair share of advantages, the carpet style isn’t right for all situations. Since loop pile carpets more easily snag than cut piles, it’s not an ideal option for Citrus Heights homes with pets where their claws could get caught in the loops. While snagging Berber carpet does require some force, snags have the potential to turn into runs, which can ruin the appearance of an entire room. Any existing snags in a Berber carpet can also be further damaged with vacuuming. The other major downside to Berber carpet is it doesn’t have a particularly soft feel. That softness is typically reserved for cut pile carpets, which is why Berber is often installed in places like basements. However, Berber carpet has made strides in recent years to become a more comfortable all-around carpeting option.

Is Berber carpet right for you? Before you decide, it’s important to consider what you’re looking for in your flooring, your lifestyle, and your budget. Call Floor Coverings International Citrus Heights to schedule a free in-home consultation, and let our experts help you find the perfect carpet option for you.


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