natural stone tile flooring in Citrus Heights, CAVarious types of metamorphic rock are commonly used as floor tiles here in Citrus Heights, California. What are metamorphic rocks? The simple answer is that it’s a rock that was once buried below the earth’s crust where it was “cooked.” There is a long list of metamorphic rocks that include big names such as lapis lazuli, onyx, schist, and quartzite. Metamorphic rocks are often luxury-grade natural stone, such as marble, slate, and serpentine. Some of the most common types of metamorphic rock used for flooring are marble, slate, and serpentine. Here we’ll explore the process these rocks travel through before becoming stone tile flooring, and how you can incorporate the tile into your home.

The Metamorphic Process

From a geologic point of view, the earth is a vast vehicle that recycles many things, including rocks. The metamorphic process, where the rock is subjected to high heat and pressure under the earth’s surface, causes significant changes. For example, marble was once limestone, and slate was once shale. When you opt for a metamorphic rock for your flooring material, you are not only getting a beautiful type of natural stone tile, but also a floor with a story.

Uses for Metamorphic Rock

In terms of design and flooring, metamorphic stone has many uses. It makes beautiful flooring for many rooms in your home, adding luxury and style to a space. These rocks can also be used on walls or as decorative tiles around fireplaces. The colors of metamorphic rocks range from white to black and many colors in between. Numerous types of rocks also have patterns and striations, each displaying their own unique visual qualities that work well in various interior designs.

Metamorphic rocks are equally as versatile outdoors as they are indoors. They can make beautiful stones for driveways, patios, courtyards, ornamental house siding, and pool decks. Some metamorphic rocks are sensitive to certain chemicals, so proper care should be learned when installing your natural stone tiles.

Other Considerations

Not all metamorphic stones are as strong and durable as others. Soapstone is a very soft metamorphic rock that is not as versatile as some of the more solid types. It does make beautiful countertops, but it tends to fracture if there is too much weight applied on top of it. The hardness of any stone tile product should be considered when thinking about its intended purpose in your home.

Overall, metamorphic rock makes for some wonderful stone tile flooring. It offers dramatic colors, textures, patterns, and, as a bonus, some cool geologic facts. If you want to learn about the different natural stone and tile floors available for your home, call us today! Floor Coverings International Citrus Heights offers free in-home estimates and design consultations in the Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Roseville area. We’ll help you find the perfect floors for your home and your lifestyle.


Photo: © Iriana Shiyan