Here at Floor Coverings International Citrus Heights, we are privileged to interview some of America’s leading designers and bloggers as part of our Designer Influencer Interview Series. Our goal is to give our readers valuable advice they can apply to their own lives and homes. In our latest interview, we are pleased to introduce DIY Designer Meegan Makes. You can follow Meegan on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Twitter.

Meegan Makes

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Meegan and I have been around the furniture business my whole life as my parents have owned and managed stores as long as I can remember. I have been married to my husband for 39 years. We have seven children. Having said that, it was always a challenge to keep up with our home design, but was also very much enjoyable. I was a wedding coordinator, stylist and floral designer for more than 15 years, all while raising our seven children.

Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

Once we were empty nesters, I decided to keep a blog of my projects, crafts, home decorating and recipes. I enjoy blogging because it keeps me busy with styling our home. I love thrifting and searching antique shops for the next blog post project. It constantly keeps my creative juices flowing.

How would you describe your design style?

My design style would be called vintage, cottage, and eclectic, with a dash of thrifted pieces thrown in. It is what makes our tiny condo in Las Vegas a home. I am also known for changing accessories and furniture around quite often. I can constantly envision a new way to create a new space with the same furniture and accessories.

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from browsing through thrift stores and antique shops. As soon as I see a piece, I know exactly what I want to do with it. It might be vintage book pages, an old cake pan or even a wire spice rack. I will create something unique and ideal for our own home.

Tell us about a recent project you’re proud of.

One of my most recent projects that I am proud of would be my breakfast nook filled and styled with thrifted furniture.

After more than a year of thrift shopping and attending antique auctions, I filled our breakfast nook with a beautiful style (especially since the space is barely nine feet wide). I cleaned, scrubbed, painted, sanded and styled a perfect area to spend our mornings together.

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