Here at Floor Coverings International of Citrus Heights,
we’re in the business of providing stunningly unique flooring solutions for a
variety of different homes and needs. From cherry hardwood to bamboo flooring,
we’re experts in crafting gorgeous floor coverings for every customer. If you
live in Rancho Cordova, Floor Coverings International will take care of all
your flooring needs; for other home renovation projects, however, you may need
an extra hand. If you’ve got a smartphone, there are plenty of apps currently
being developed specifically for the purpose of helping you get through your
remodel. Here are a few of our favorite smartphone apps and websites for
homeowners looking to tackle a home improvement project.

Doxo Mobile –

One of the major contributors to the difficulty of home
renovation has always been bills, receipts, and other filed paperwork. With the
advent of smartphones, consumers are now able to make this filler a thing of
the past. Doxo, a company initially formed in 2011, is an app that connects all
of your online bill profiles and accounts in one place and under one password
in an attempt to simplify the bill paying process. Even better, Doxo files all
of your paperwork digitally, so that not only do you no longer have to organize
all of your bills and paperwork, but you also no longer have to deal with
physical copies of them. Doxo is a godsend for anyone looking to get rid of
that filing cabinet taking up half of your hallway, and it’s a great way to
make your life better organized and easier to manage.


Pinterest is an online pin-board that allows users to save
collections of images from around the web. These “pins” are usually categorized
into different topics: recipes, fashion, home décor, etc. Pinterest is a great
way to gather initial ideas and inspiration for your home remodeling project.
Spend some time browsing other users pins and boards and you’re sure to find
some awesome design inspiration. Some home improvement and design companies
even have a presence on Pinterest, which makes it easy for users to find
specific items that company offers. For example, Shaw Floors (whose products we
also carry!) has nearly 50 boards dedicated to color trends, dream rooms, and
specific products they carry.


Houzz is very similar to Pinterest, except that it is
completely dedicated to home improvement, home design, and interior decorating.
Not only is Houzz pure eye candy for prospective home renovators, but it also
functions as a way to get in touch with local contractors, architects, and home
remodeling companies. Simply click ‘Find a Pro’ in the top search bar and enter
the type of professional you’re looking for! Within Houzz, users can view
images by room and search for specific photos, products, and local
professionals. Houzz also allows users to rate companies, which provides useful
feedback for those looking to hire. Houzz’s version of Pinterest’s boards are
called Ideabooks. These are collections of ideas users and professionals have
compiled. Similar to Pinterest, these boards are often categorized by room
type, decorating style, or product. For example, if you’re renovating your
home’s kitchen, you may search for Ideabooks related to kitchens, appliances,
or flooring.

Coupled with a new hardwood floor installed by Floor
Coverings International of Rancho Cordova, these apps will help you on your way
to planning the perfect remodel!