You’ve installed your dream carpet, now what? At Floor Coverings International of Citrus Heights we’re here with some tips to maintain your carpets for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

One of the best ways to maintain your carpets is through regular cleaning. This means scheduling vacuuming to your needs. The more pets or people your home contains, the more vacuuming you should expect to do. Regular cleaning helps to keep your carpet fresh and clean which can help to lower allergens in your home that affect allergies and other respiratory problems. A good vacuum will get to the very roots of a carpet to get any dirt nestled there.

Spills and Stains

Cleaning up spills is also very important so that stains will not linger in the fibers which can shorten the life of your carpet. Some tips for a spill cleanup are to first blot away the spill this way you are not rubbing the spill into the carpet and creating a bigger spill area. Use a cleaner that is strong enough to remove the stain, but is gentle enough to not discolor or cause harm to your carpets. Finally, be sure to wash out any excess cleaner by dabbing a damp washcloth onto the spill area. We recommend using a white washcloth or a plain paper towel to reduce the chances of any dyes transferring to your carpet.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes called restorative cleaning or annual cleaning, we recommend calling professional carpet cleaners for this tip although many vacuums now offer a deep steaming option. This will ensure that a job is done correctly to provide longevity for your carpets. These professionals use a different, more potent vacuum in addition to their cleaner that really gets to the roots of a carpet and can lift stains or other elements that a traditional vacuum may not reach. Depending on the traffic the carpet receives, this can be done once every three months, or once every two years.

Floor Mats and Rugs

Having external mats and internal rugs can greatly help to reduce dirt that may be tracked into a home without them. Rugs provide a way to extend your carpets especially along high traffic areas such as the entrance to home. This helps to protect the carpet underneath from being replaced while also being easier to clean if a spill occurs on them. They should be moved fairly regularly so there is an even amount of wear and tear across the carpet. They should not discourage you from regularly cleaning the carpet underneath them.

We encourage you to save this (or even better, share) if you’ve found any of these tips helpful. If you have other questions about the carpets or other products we offer be sure to contact us!