wood look tile in citrus heightsWood look tiles are all the rage not just here in Citrus Heights, but across the United States. Wood look tiles boast all the durability and easy maintenance of traditional tiling, but they also give the aesthetic benefits of gorgeous wood flooring across your space. If you’ve wondered whether wood look tiles might be the right fit for your home, the team at Floor Coverings International is here to help.

What are Wood Look Tiles?

Wood look, or wood grain, tiles are constructed from porcelain or ceramic, just like traditional tiling. What sets this option apart, though, is its aesthetic appeal. As their name suggests, wood look tiles mimic the appearance of hardwood flooring rather than the familiar look of tiling. Whether your hardwood flooring tastes fall towards the traditional, the rustic, or the contemporary, there’s sure to be a wood look tile that perfectly recreates the hardwood flooring you love.

Advantages of Wood Look Tiles

If you love the look of hardwood flooring, there are a host of reasons to consider wood look tiling for your Citrus Heights home.

Durability and Easy Maintenance. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but it’s also known for its maintenance schedule and its vulnerability to scratches. Wood look tiling removes these problems by providing the incredible durability and easy maintenance that tile is famous for.

Versatility. Wood look tiling opens up the potential to bring a wood look surface to new areas of the home. Because moisture and water have the potential to warp hardwood flooring, homeowners have been advised for years against adding wood to bathrooms or to kitchens. With wood look tiling, though, these options are opened back up.

Price point. Of course, one of the biggest benefits wood look tile provides homeowners is its lower price point. Wood look tile makes it possible to bring the beauty of hardwood flooring into the home without the major hit to your wallet.

If you’re ready to start your wood look tiling project, call Floor Coverings International Citrus Heights today and book your free Design Consultation and in-home estimate. We’ll bring the flooring store to your door, so you can make the best selection for your home. Book your free consultation today!

Photo Credit: Minerva Studio